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Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Brand-New or Used Ford Explorer

There are many features of the Ford Explorer that people are attracted to including their adventurous appeal, three-row cabin, and roomy features. Because used and brand-new Ford Explorers remain versatile, comfortable, and affordable, this kind of vehicle always has an avid fan base. There are varying features to this SUV that you need to know before you consider getting one. Just like any other vehicle, this SUV has gone through several changes through the years.

For fifth-generation Ford Explorers, comfort is a main factor. In terms of rows, there are three spacious rows inside, and it can also accommodate up to seven passengers in total. If you have a family or love traveling with many people, then this SUV serves your purpose right. In terms of luxury levels, you may have to check the trim model you are getting because they vary. Getting heated front seats and leather upholstery is something that you can expect when you select higher-trim models.

In terms of technology, fifth-generation Ford Explorers have the latest technological features like the latest Sync 3 infotainment system. You get voice controls that minimize distractions as well as touchscreens that offer the utmost responsiveness and crisp. These vehicles also allow for smartphone integration, allowing you to stream music, make hands-free calls, and so on.

You can also expect all fifth-generation Ford Explorers to provide you with safety technology post-crash. The vehicle quickly gives 911 a call after your collision with the use of any compatible smartphones. For dangers that you cannot notice, there are some optional driver aids that you can use like the forward collision and blind-spot warning systems.

If you talk about the performance of this generation of Explorers, you will be getting a smooth, car-like ride that allows for easy parking around tight corners and garages. You can choose from front-wheel or four-wheel drive for your SUV. Going with a four-wheel drive allows you to better navigate rugged terrains. These SUVs can tow a maximum load of 5,000 pounds. Thus, you can spend your next family vacation towing your fishing boat with you.

When it comes to buying fourth-generation Ford Explorers, you still get the interior comfort that you want with all three rows offering you great leg and head room. Although technology for this generation of SUV is not the same as the newer generation models, you still get gear and features that you can integrate with your smartphone. You have Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports that allow you to link your devices and stream some music. When it comes to safety, used Ford Explorers belonging to this generation provide you with some four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. This feature is great when it comes to controlling your stops when driving in slick roads. Driving in stormy weather with the use of this SUV, on the other hand, offers you its standard stability control feature.

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