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Advantages of Generator Load Sharing

In today’s market, firms are repeatedly discovering that they require abundant power resources in spaces without electrical grids. Such situations have pushed businesses to the use of mobile generators so that they can have sufficient power resources. Normally, few rental companies will carry units over 400 Kw. Certain businesses opt to carry bigger generator units that are over 600 Kw; however, that presents a completely new set of challenges. Instead of going for the large units that are problematic, it is best that you decide to parallel two or smaller generators as it offers a lot more avails compared to having one large generator set. Keep reading the piece to understand more about the great value you can attain from synchronized generators.

If reliability is what you are seeking from mobile generation, then the best option would be getting parallel generators. If you had invested in one large generator and this unit break downs, you will have no backups on-site to come in for the electric load. It would need time, hours or even days to bring in a replacement. Moreover, there is the aspect of cost when considering the large generator sets because the majority of such units are skid mounted. When using paralleled generators, you can attain a state of generator idleness. Normally, electrical loads are sized with chamber set aside for some idleness. When your generator fails, the controller in the other unit identifies the load increase, and goes on to take the surplus load to the remaining generators. This then allows uninterrupted supply of power to a company.

Moreover, synchronized generator offer much more flexibility compared to when using one large unit. In case you had a micro-grid structure on a site and planned for an expansion, the process could be complex with a large generator. An organization may need additional funds to get another huge generator unit, where what is required is only a few more Kw. With a synchronized setup, you can bring in additional units one by one. The good thing about this is that you can opt to parallel your unit to build a multi Megawatt structure. Another thing about the parallel setup is that it makes the downsizing a stress-free process. As a business you will simply reduce a few generators as you wish no production time lost or waiting on the generator rental company.

One other reason to opt for the parallel generators is because they simply the maintenance of your unit. Renting one large unit makes the process more complicated for the rental company as well as you the user. You can service a generator without downtime because the synchronized generators allow for redundancy where the remaining units can pick up the load as the work is in progress.

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